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RUPRECHT HOLSTEN who, together with his father HERMANN HOLSTEN, shapes out metals, was born in Bremen, Germany, in 1964. He completed a training as a belt maker in Michael Harjes’ Metal-art-workshop in Bremen.
In 1991 he was honored with the “Bremer Foerderpreis fuer das Kunsthandwerk” (an award for jung craftsmen and –women) as one of the jungest craftmen ever. Since 1989 RUPRECHT HOLSTEN displays his works on different exhibitions and conventions for craftmenship and design in Germany and other Countries.

His works are still developed in the forge in Ottersberg, Germany, that was founded by his grandfather. His field of operation is various. Besides the regular machine-crafted objects he also designs furniture made of steel, high quality steel and diffent sorts of metal. He designs objects from own sketches for offices as well as private clients and works with architects always being open for new ideas and impulses. His main objective is to create clear and simple but simply impressive forms.